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March 13, 2011 issue

Girl, 17, admits guy in sex scandal as BF, says “I love him”


The girl in the celebrated sex scandal that has titillated both the libido-laced male and female population of this city and suburbs has come up openly to admit that the male character in the video was her boyfriend. The revelation dashed all pretentions of privacy as both parties even threatened to sue a computer shop based in this city which they suspected of having spread around the secret tryst of the lovers caught in video. Identifying herself in an email to the Post, the girl who admitted that she is only 17 (not 15 as earlier reported) said that the issue “has to deal regarding your f… station against his boyfriend.

The identity of the girl in the e-mail practically fitted with the name of the title in the opening footage of the video clip. The anonymous girl (name withheld) was apparently referring to Station DYTR as having an issue with her boyfriend. Over Station DYTR, City Mayor Dan Neri Lim in as many episodes of his radio program, dropped identifiable hints about the identity of the male partner in the sex video. In deference to being a former colleague (he has since been inactive) in the profession, the Post withheld the identity of the man in question pending any formal complaint.

According to the girl, even if she is only 17, she is in love with her boyfriend saying as if in “papal infallibility” that “I love him,-- which she wrote in bold capital letters in her email to the Post. She threatened that she will deal with the controversy adding you “must be aware of the fact that my family will do whatever it takes to take you down” apparently referring to those responsible in circulating copies of the video. The Post bannered the story in its issue last week and titled ”Macho man in sex scandal over video”. At the same time, the girl also warned that they have filed a case against a computer shop (name withheld) “because our privacy was supposed to be their liabilities''. She said her boyfriend will be the witness while she will act as the complainant.

The girl added that the video was supposed to be private thing and not something “you spread around to make fun of, not unless you have grudges, issues or your just damned insecure of my boyfriend”. The gird ended her email to the Post with this invective: go f… rot in hell losers. IN the case of the computer shop, the Post withheld its identity pending interview of its side of the controversy. One version showed that the video was uploaded in a video shop apparently up for repair possibly a lap top or cell phone containing the sexual lambada on file then downloaded to any techno gadget with connectivity features.

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